The Light Chronicles

Stolen Light - Book 1


Great Tree, the famed merchant, takes his two children, Wakangli and Iyatan, across the sea to teach them the family business. 


Wakangli's powers are not normal for an elf maiden but no one has ever questioned them or used them against her until now. While learning her family trade, Wakangli is kidnapped by her father's traitorous crew because of her powers to locate lost or hidden items. She will have to ally herself with a fierce man who could end up being her doom if her powers are unable to save her. 



Sheltered Light - Book 2


Finally free of her kidnappers, Wakangli finds herself trapped on an ice island with her only ally, Wi. She wants nothing more than to find her way home but it seems impossible. 


Braving many obstacles, including being hunted by Hanyetuwi and even imprisonment, the hardest trial she has to endure is finding out her allies are not what she thought.


forbidden light cover.jpg
Forbidden Light - Book 3


Wakangli has suffered memory loss and a power she can't control. Locked in a tower for her protection or the protection of others, she is unsure but visitors bring up flashes of memories. She is at the point if she wonders if remembering is a good thing as she fights for a new life.

Book 4 - 6 coming soon