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The Hidden Magic Trilogy

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Papakoosigun is a restless and motivated young elf maiden who always seems to find trouble. When her beloved teacher tells her she doesn't have any other choice but to report her behavior to the Queen it drives her from her ancestral home. She does not want to have to explain her actions to the queen only to be shunned forever.


She finds herself in the unfamiliar land of humans and soon with the knowledge that her home is in jeopardy. Her only options are to forget her people and land or search out her queen she's been avoiding. But will the queen hear her after all she has already done?  

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Blinded by Mikwam, Papakoosigun spends her days in the hidden elven village. Her destiny to become the elven queen has consumed her. Endless boring meetings and a forced marriage are only some of the hardships she faces as the heir to the throne.


She yearns to become herself again. Someone that no one owns. Instead, she and the rest of the village are forced to flee when they are attacked by fearless swamp people seeking to capture her.


Papakoosigun loses her people and her way. Alone in the forest, she is rescued by an unexpected ally whom she comes to cherish. Found by fairies, she is returned to a place she no longer remembers.

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Papakoosigun's elven people are threatened at every turn, but this time it's her duty to protect them.


Finally, embracing her destiny, Queen Papakoosigun deals with the ever-judging eyes of the council with grace and dignity. She only hopes she handles the full weight of caring for her people as easily.


When an angry dragon threatens her and her people she finds herself thrust back out into the world and away from her elven clan she has sworn to protect. Papakoosigun finds herself making friends with some unusual allies in her latest adventure. Hopefully, they can help her and give her the strength to protect her people.

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