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Website Disclaimers


We pride ourselves in providing quality products and services. However, we do not offer any warranties for our products. 


The blog and attached social media platforms connected to this website share links to products. We may earn affiliate commissions from products I recommend or links shared.

Use at Your Own Risk / No-responsibility

We share tips and advice on the blog and on our YouTube for channel. We take no responsibility of viewers' trying and their results. We advise that all tips and advice be used at your own risk. 

Testimonials / Past Performances

These testimonials on this website - viewers experience with our products and services may differ from that they see in the testimonials. 

Each performance / presentation is unique and different. Any past preformance does not guarantee that it will happen in furutre.

Blog and Services

This blog and information shared in presentations is strickly for educational purposes.


This site's content (text, images, and video) are subject to copyright protection. 

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards

Offline Payments

Thank you for supporting a small Indigenous business

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