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Indigenous Fantasy Books
Inspired by Culture

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Explore the worlds with Indigenous language & culture 

Fantasy Books

Hidden Magic Trilogy

The Light Chronicles

Reflection Series

Papakoosigun (Papa-koo-see-goon) is an elven maiden who struggles to find where she belongs in the world and understand her role in it. She meets dragons, fairies and dwarves while facing challenges. 
Wakangli (Waa-con- glee) has vast powers that others try to use. As she fights to survive she learns more about who she is. 
Waakazone (Waa-kay-zoe-knee) is in a world where human populations have decreased dramatically and the magical creatures have come out of hiding. But even among her own kind she is different and feared. She fights to survive and battle those who would destroy this already broken world completely. 

Poetry Books

The Native Vision Series

These books contain poems and short stories about growing up on a reservation. There are sketches and photography throughout the books. There are also some blank pages within the books to give the reader the opportunity to add their voices. 
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