I'm VR Janis, an Ojibwe author of Indigneous fantasy.

My books blend my Ojibwe and Lakota language and culture in with elves, dragons and other mythical creatures in a fast paced fantasy. I'm also a professional speaker and creative entrepreneur.

I love reading and always dreamed of writing my own books, but I spent many years thinking about it before I actually took the plunge. 

I have a Bachelors degree in Conservation Biology, both my degree and my interest in my traditional culture and langauge are entwined into my writing along with my love for magic. I have a podcast and articles at www.inkedscroll.com

I love reading fantasy with an element of the supernatural and mythical beasts, so I wrote Hidden Powers, the first in the Hidden Magic Trilogy.

On a more personal note, I love reading and my favorite authors include JK Rowling & Sarah J. Maas.

I’m married and live with my husband and three kids in Kyle. South Dakota. I’m a dog lover and I enjoy a tall glass of lemonade and getting tattoos as my main vice. I am a home body and love to relax by the fire. 


You can see lots of pictures on Instagram @ authorvrjanis including my art, adventures and writing inspiration.

I also share updates on what I'm working on here, as well as on social media as below.

I have another site, inkedscroll.com, where I have art, articles, a podcast and a shop about creative organizing, writing and art. 


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If you’re interested in organizing, art or writing, you might want to check out my site: inkedscroll.com or tweet me:  @VRJanis


Official Bio

Short bio:

VR Janis is an Indigneous author of the Hidden Magic Trilogy and Light Chroniclesas well as other fantasy stories and poetry. Her books weave together Ojibwe and Lakota language, mythical creatures, and adventure with an edge of the fantasy. Valerie lives in Kyle, South Dakota and enjoys being creative and learning new things.