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This book is a unique blending of the Ojibwe culture and language with fantasy. 

Title:      Book 1 of The Hidden Magic Trilogy - Hidden Powers


Author:   V R Janis


Back of the Book:

Papakoosigun is a restless and motivated young elf maiden who always seems to find trouble. When her beloved teacher tells her she doesn't have any other choice but to report her behavior to the Queen it drives her from her ancestral home. She does not want to have to explain her actions to the queen only to be shunned forever.

She finds herself in the unfamiliar land of humans and soon with the knowledge that her home is in jeopardy. Her only options are to forget her people and land or search out her queen she's been avoiding. But, will the queen hear her after all she has already done?

There are four main clans in the book - Forest, Fire, Ice and Elemental. Take the quiz below to see which clan you belong in!

Hidden Magic Trilogy Book 1 - Hidden Magic

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  • My first book is "Hidden Powers" and the main character means alot to me. Some of her experiences are from my personal experiences, I will leave it up to you to guess which ones. 

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