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This book is a continuation of the unique blending of Ojibwe culture and language with fantasy.
Title of the Book:   Hidden Memories - Book 2 The Hidden Magic Trilogy


Author:    V R Janis

Back of the Book:

Blinded by Mikwam, Papakoosigun spends her days in the hidden elven village. Her destiny to become the elven queen has consumed her. Endless boring meetings and a forced marriage are only some of the hardships she faces as the heir to the throne.

She yearns to become herself again. Someone that no one owns. Instead, she and the rest of the village are forced to flee when they are attacked by fearless swamp people seeking to capture her.

Papakoosigun loses her people and her way. Alone in the forest, she is rescued by an unexpected ally who she comes to cherish. Found by fairies, she is returned to a place she no longer remembers.

There are four main clans in the book - Forest, Fire, Ice and Elemental. Take the quiz below to see which clan you belong in!

Hidden Magic Trilogy Book 2 - Hidden Memories

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  • I have been asked the question of "Why elves?" I laugh everytime I hear this. I answer, "Why not?" Then I go on to tell them that I have always thought elves were melted peanut butter awesome. There is grace, strength and a care of the earth that reflects my people. 

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