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Title: Hidden Magic Trilogy Set


Author: V R Janis



This is a set of my Hidden Magic Trilogy. Bk 1 - Hidden Powers. Bk 2 - Hidden Memories. Bk 3 - Hidden Conflicts.

These books are an unique blending of the Ojibwe culture and language with fantasy. 

This collection follows the journey of a young elf maiden who has to find herself and where she belongs in the world.

There are four main clans in the book - Forest, Fire, Ice and Elemental. Take the quiz under the books tab to see which clan you belong in!

Native American Fantasy Book Series - Hidden Magic Trilogy

Only 4 left in stock
  • "Hidden Magic Trilogy" is the first series that I created. The names are Ojibwe and there is a key in the back of the books. This series started with a dream about a girl falling into a river, I woke and had to know what happened to her, so her story started. 

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