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This book is a continuation of the unique blending of the Ojibwe culture and language with fantasy. 

Title of Book:   Hidden Conflicts - Book 3 of The Hidden Magic Trilogy 


Author:    V R Janis


Back of the Book:

Papakoosigun's elven people are threatened at every turn, but this time it's her duty to protect them.

Finally embracing her destiny, Queen Papakoosigun deals with the ever judging eyes of the council with grace and dignity. She only hopes she handles the full weight of caring for her people as easily.

When an angry dragon threatens her and her people she finds herself thrust back out into the world and away from her elven clan she has sworn to protect. Papakoosigun finds herself making friends with some unusual allies in her lastest adventure. Hopefully, they can help her and give her the strength to protect her people.

There are four main clans in the book - Forest, Fire, Ice and Elemental. Take the quiz below to see which clan you belong in!

Hidden Magic Trilogy Book 3 - Hidden Conflicts

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  • This is the last book in the series and I have had my up and downs with this series. I had to say good bye to some characters before others. Each book is a journey to learn something new. I hope that you strive to learn something new and have a happy creative day.

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