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Belief in the fantasy realm begins here.

In a deep cave surrounded by a lush green forest lays a large male dragon. He shifts in his sleep, fire light glinting off the rich purple scales. His tail dragging on the rough ground that lay beneath his mounds of treasure. The tinkling of gems and gold coins echo as he finally opens sharp dark eyes. He gazes around his wonderful nest, alone, and his only wish was for a family to protect.

Hand painted batik piece on Muslin cloth. This item is completely unique with a title of "Fierce Pride." This item also comes hand signed and dated by artist, and is sold unframed. Piece was created in 2015. You will receive the exact dragon in the picture, ready to ship.

Length: 18 3/4 in
Width: 16 3/4 in
Backing: foam board

"Fierce Pride" Batik Painting

Only 1 left in stock
  • The artist is a 20 year old Ojibwe woman, J. Janis, who is a seeker of endless possibilities of the hidden world around us.

    J. Janis describes herself by saying, "I am a fantasy artist, unique in the way that I see things and act. I am a shy, quiet girl who speaks volumes without saying a lot. I still believe in magic and love its many creatures. I share the magic around us through art."

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