Sept 2020

The face says it all.

Interesting new developments with everyone learning and working from home this Fall. We have had to be aware of when classes are going on, when we are recording the YouTube videos, podcast episodes and stuff for Patreon. I have to help my college children and my high schooler with getting this setup and going. A great thing about having older children is they are pretty self-reliant. They come to me and my husband if they have questions and issues, but for the most part everything is running smoothly. Fingers crossed that it remains this way. I continue to have everyone in my prayers that they are staying safe and healthy. I have been trying to find my balance with scheduling during the pandemic. I am taking three classes this semester and should be on the road to graduate this Spring, which is exciting.

There is a lot going on with the Inked Scroll Creatives. There is other scrollwork being developed and we will continue to update everyone. We have a three hubs in our business - Inked Scroll Creatives is one, then we have Organized Scroll and Librarian Scroll. All of these are separate in a lot of ways but they are also connected through J Janis's and my creativity. If you want to see pictures you can find any of our scrollwork hubs on Instagram and Twitter.

Our YouTube Channels are up and running and we continue to brainstorm and create content for our platforms. All in all trying to continue to create and share. Hope you all have a wonderfully creative month.