Purging Office / Art Studio

I covered this topic in my podcast today and thought I would share some pictures of my process and having fun organizing my drawers of writing utensils. If you listened to my podcast I ask you to access using the five W's - What, where, when, why, who and how.

What am I purging today? - Writing utensils and drawers.

Why am I going to purge and organize my writing utensils? - Because there is a lot of pens, markers and other things in the drawers.

When am I going to do this project? Right now, today. Why wait?

Where am I going to do this project? My small office.

Who is going to do this project? Am I going to get help? - Just me, myself and I. My kids may come to claim some of the extras for their school supplies, but I am definitely on my own.

How am I going to get this project done? I am going to gather all the stuff from the drawers and check the pens and markers if they work. Then I am going to access the amount of of each type of item and then organize as I go.

Main desk drawer

Desk side drawer

This project did not take a lot of time but it did make an impact on the small space that I have. My desk is prime real estate in my office and I need it to function for me. I purged markers and colored pencils that I am no longer using. I am going to send them to my nieces for their school work and art projects. I threw away all the pens and markers that did not work.

However, you can see that I kept a lot of pens, this is the overflow for the house as well as my office. I also use the sharpies for art projects.

I made my own organizing boxes out of cardstock. It is really easy and if anyone comments that they want a demo, I will post a video. It was measuring the height of the drawer and I took away half an inch and used taped to hold together. I wanted to organize at minimum cost, so I used extra paper. You could also use old folders to create the boxes.

This small project took me about an 1 1/2 hour to complete and it was worth the effort. It makes me happy every time I need to find something because I know right where it is. I wish you well in your purging and organizing projects.

Remember everyone is different and unique so each space is going to be unique to you. Remember sometimes small steps lead to big results. Remember to have fun and don't just think outside the box but think about what you can do with that box.