Aug 2020

LOOK! New Book Covers! The Hidden Magic Trilogy has a new look.

Wow, everything is different. We are preparing for all of my children and myself to do online learning this fall. It should definitely be interesting, to add being a teacher back into the mix. My youngest has created a what I want to learn list on top of the courses she will have through her school. We will be learning sign language and archery. Like I said should be interesting. I continue to have everyone in my prayers that they are staying safe and healthy. I have been trying to find my balance with scheduling during the pandemic.

There is a lot going on with the Inked Scroll Creatives. There is other scrollwork being developed and we will continue to update everyone. We have a three hubs in our business - Inked Scroll Creatives is one, then we have Organized Scroll and Librarian Scroll. All of these are separate in a lot of ways but they are also connected through J Janis's and my creativity. If you want to see pictures you can find any of our scrollwork hubs on Instagram and Twitter. We will also have YouTube channels for each. These are exciting times for being creative.

We had some personal stuff come up in July that halted almost every aspect of our business. However, we are getting our sails ready and the scrolls will shared. I continue to work on editing Reflection Series Book 1, I went back to the drawing board and I am writing all of the books together and there will be some big changes to that series. I am still working on one of my non-fiction books and getting it ready for a September 2020 publishing launch. I have been designing some new artwork that will be shared in sneak peeks on Patreon.