About VR Janis

V R Janis (Ojibwe) is a Native American artist, author and entrepreneur.  Her main focus is creative organizing, writing and creating paintings. She is mainly known for her unique blending of culture and language with fantasy in young adult books. However, she is also recognized for her batik paintings that takes a new perspective of Native Way of Life. An original presenter with bringing language revitalization  and cultural appreciation to the forefront.


Contact: info@vrjanis.com

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I'll update this page every few months, so you know what I'm working on right now. I have finished and published Forbidden Light Book 3 of the Light Chronicles Series. 


I am editing Reflection Series Book 2 and getting it ready for a June or September 2020 publishing launch. I am working on a non-fiction book as well on language learning. 

What I’m Working On Right Now